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Atlantic Finance is a suite of products in DeFi, that provides lending aggregation, yield generation, and insurance on the blockchain. The protocol is maintained by various independent developers and is governed by Atlantic Token holders.

About Us

Atlantic Finance LLC

Atlantic Finance LLC was founded in 2012 by top financial experts and managers and since then the company has expanded its business into one of the leading reputable companies in its own industry.

With 10 years of development in the financial sector, Atlantic Finance is always striving to apply new technologies to the company's development. Decentralized finance is the latest solution that Atlantic Finance wants to bring to the global financial market.

Our mission to improve our world and everyone’s lives with the adoption and use of Decentralized finance and blockchain technology. We promote individuals and businesses to be more effective and responsive – and, that the individual members of society will be the primary beneficiaries.

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Atlantic Vault

One of our most popular products is the Atlantic Vault - a program aimed to empower the community to quickly and safely create and utilises the most effective yield farming robots created by the industry's best strategists.

Atlantic Lending

Atlantic Lending is a lending aggregator that aims to collect the highest yield for supported coins at all times. It does this by programmatically shifting these coins between several lending protocols operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

Atlantic Swap

Atlantic Swap is an automated market maker (AMM) enabling single-sided liquidity and impermanent loss (IL) mitigation. Atlantic Swap creates decentralized trading pools (similar to Uniswap or Pancake), which traders can buy or sell from.

Atlantic NFTs

Atlantic NFTs is a platform enabling art funding and trading, using Blockchain technology, decentralized finance (Defi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). We give artists complete control over their work. Artists can control scarcity, avoid counterfeiting, enjoy copyright protection.

Atlantic Trade

Atlantic Trade is a leveraged stable coin exchange. It enables users to borrow stable coins with up to 500x leverage. Four stable coins are currently enabled as collateral. Users deposit one of the four stable coins identified above and receive another stable coin on margin.

Atlantic Yield Farming

Atlantic Finance utilises Yield Farming technique, as known as liquidity mining, a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings, to distribute a part of Atlantic token over the course of 2 years to farmers, as well as to token Liquidity Providers.


Company Branch (Legality)

Atlantic Finance operates legally under government law with key areas of business including:

-Administration Of Financial Markets
-Fund Management Activities
-Securities And Financial Activities
-Information Technology

Atlantic Finance is currently operating with 2 headquarters in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our Asia and Australia offices will be operational soon this year.

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Why choose us

Our Main Features

Atlantic Finance uses the most advanced technologies today under the management of the world's leading experts.

Instant settlement

Participants on the Atlantic Network can transact and have the transaction visible and settled between parties in seconds instead of minutes.


Secure technologies and business models with some extent on requirements related to a decentralized flexibility system based on ledger technologies.

Blockchain technology

A digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

Experienced team

We are a team of leading financial professionals and managers with years of experience and proven achievements.


blockchain-based finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries to offer financial instruments based on smart contract.

AI Technology

The most logical next innovation in space will be AI technology, demonstrated that automation services will be fundamental to DeFi’s growth.

Low cost

Atlantic finance token will soon be integrated on the Binance Smart Chain and Solana with almost zero transaction fees.


Our decentralized, serverless platform is protected from outside attacks and interference. The smart contract is also covered.

Smart Contract features

Covered smart-contract.

Atlantic Finance works on smart contracts - a digital contract is similar to the contract in the physical world but based on blockchain technology. A smart contract translates an agreement to computer code and runs on the blockchain. Simply put, it’s some code written inside the blockchain. This code keeps track of terms of agreements and automates fulfillment. Smart contracts help the involved parties exchange money, property, shares, or anything else of value.

Atlantic Finance will soon integrate smart-contract on multi-blockchain platforms such as ERC20, BEP20, DOT, and Solana.

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Our smartcontract is self-verifying due to automated possibilities.


It is self-enforcing when the rules are met at all stages.


No one can change what is recorded on the smart contract.


All contracts and transactions achieve the highest level of transparency.

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Read more about Atlantic Finance, our ideas and intentions, and the solutions Atlantic brings to the blockchain market. Learn about ATFI & ATFG - the official token of the Atlantic Finance platform.

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Token price

Atlantic Finance Token

ATFI and ATFG is the official token of Atlantic Finance company and is issued to the global community in the form of an Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

Please check the ATFI & ATFG smart contract address before making a transaction (There are now fake Atlantic Finance Tokens with the same name and symbols appearing on the blockchain)

We recommend members to hoald and transfer Atlantic Finance Token directly on our official website Atlantic.finance instead of withdrawing to a personal wallet.


Listing Roadmap

Atlantic Finance Token will be listed on the major exchange after the IDO is completed. Currently, Atlantic Finance's team is contacting and working with trusted exchanges to support ATFI & ATFG token trading.

Token Distribution

Our Token Distribution

The Atlantic Finance platform was designed from the ground up as the foundation for decentralized finance (Defi), an economy that is owned and governed by its participants.

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Community (Token Sale)
Token burn
Token locked (3 years)
Development Team
Core Partners
Liquid Mining
Platform Operations

Our Roadmap

This is a high-level roadmap for the twelve months post-token sale

Q2 2020
Initial Project Idea

- Core team formed & the idea started
- Research of Decentralized Finance market

Q3 2020 Q1 2021
Project Development

- Research of Defi's ecosystem product
- Development of core project fundamentals

Q2 2021
Token Sale (IDO)

- Atlantic Finance Token crowdsale through IDO
- Token distribution to Atlantic community

Q3 2021
Token Listing & Trading

- Listed on major exchanges
- Listed on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap

Q4 2021
Atlantic DeFi launches

- Atlantic Vault v1 Development
- Atlantic Vault v1 Launch
- Yield Farming of Atlantic token
- Atlatin Yield Farming launch

Q1 2022
Atlantic DeFi growth

- Atlantic token wrapping launch
- Atlantic Vault v2 Launches
- Lending Markets Development
- Vault v3 Development

Q2-Q3 2022
Atlantic DeFi growth

- Atlantic Vault v3 launches
- Lending Market Launch
- Atlantic Trade development
- NFTs platform development

Q4 2022
Atlantic DeFi Takes Off

- Atlantic Trade launch
- NFTs platform launch
- Atlantic Chain launch
- Integration of token with on-chain DEXes

Atlantic DeFi Full functions

- Improving project Strategies
- Establishing ground partnerships
- Atlantic DEX Platform
- Give full control to the community


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Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

What is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance”, an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries.

What is Atlantic Finance?

Atlantic Finance is a group of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to optimize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and trading services.

What is Atlantic Finance token??

Atlantic Finance Token is the native cryptocurrency of the Atlantic Finance protocol. It is a governance token that allows users to vote on which direction users want the protocol to head.

Why this IDO important to me?

Atlantic Finance is expected to open a new chapter in the era of Defi. ATFI & ATFG (the official token of Atlantic Finance) is a valuable asset and is expected to grow strongly in the near future. The owning of ATFI has both using value and cumulative value.

Our Team

Awesome Team

Our expert team with many years of experience in financial markets, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance.

Samuel George

Executive Officer

David Horton

Finance Director

Jamie Bray

Marketing Director

Randy Eakin


Josh Pickering

Operation Officer

Michael Vaughan

Business Development

Ryan Green

Technology Director

Laura Sykes

Community Manager


They talk about us

Atlantic Finance has received attention from a large community of investors and technology lovers around the world. Update the latest articles and information about us.